About Global Wines, Inc.

Global Wines, Inc., a Massachusetts-based company established in 2006, has successfully positioned itself as a strong competitor in the wine industry as an importer of private and estate wines from only the highest quality winemakers.

By establishing trusted relationships with suppliers in leading wine regions: Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile and beyond; GWI’s product development has truly been a collaborative effort.

Our employees have extensive experience in all aspects of the wine industry - including importing, distributing, sales, merchandising, marketing, and staff training. Our sales representatives work directly for us - the importer. Within the last five years, GWI’s most unique addition to the team has been in its hire of a third-generation wine maker from the Abruzzo region of Italy. Relationships have enabled our team to be extremely involved in the wine importing process; from the production of wine, to the details of packaging.

GWI continues to experience extensive growth in product porfolio, brand development and national expansion. Our goal is to bring our highly valued, unique offerings to every area of the market.

To locate a sales representative in your area, please send a request on our CONTACTS page.

Global Wines of Rhode Island, Inc.

Global Wines, Inc. of Massachusetts is proud to announce the opening of an additional GWI office and warehouse in Johnston, Rhode Island.

This New England market has already gained traction with its placement in nearly 60 Rhode Island retail locations, and there is still much more growth ahead!

Wines of the World Imports & Distribution

A soley-owned, third company, Wines of the World Imports & Distribution, has been opened in 2014. With our own organization of logistics and deliveries, and continued relationships with vineyard suppliers, Florida will be the 5th state outside of Massachusetts to carry our wines, including the brands: WICKED Wines, Cape Cod Bay and a line of organic varietals.